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Relationship360 Group Journeys:
Accelerated Trust-Building for Leadership Teams


Designed with your business needs in mind.

Facilitated Journey

This coach-facilitated cohort journey gives your leaders an opportunity to accelerate trust and respect in the flow of work. Up to 10 Participants per cohort. 

Virtually Delivered

Four live sessions and one 1-1 coaching session for every participant, all virtual. In person journey can be customized upon request. 

Custom Schedule

The private cohort allows you to customize the live session dates and times to accommodate the scheduling demands of your leaders. Complete in 2-3 months. 


Delivers accelerated trust and success.

Extraordinary Self-Awareness

We facilitate the most direct, open, non-judgment experience for developing and maintaining extraordinary self-awareness.

Accelerated Trust

Our proven method helps leaders accelerate the trust-building process with the colleagues critical to their own success and team performance. 

Sustained Growth

We equip cohort members with the world's most effective instrument for tuning interpersonal behaviors, empowering group members to take control of their own development. 

Priced for maximum value.

Fixed fee, private cohort.
             Each private cohort comes with 10 seats.
Investment per participant for a 10-person cohort is $1495.* 
Customized scheduling included.
*Total  fixed-fee per cohort is $14,950. Added cost for in-person.

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