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Your learning partner for accelerating trust and driving performance through direct, open dialogue. 

Benefits of BOS Academy

High performance learning journeys that help you strengthen results through immediate application.


Empowering leaders to communicate clearly, flexibly, and compassionately in a fast-changing environment


Equipping learners with clear opportunities for application in the flow of work. 


Helping leaders build trust through sensitivity to the unique needs of others
The confidence and clarity to lead effectively

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Self doubt and lack of awareness undermines too many leaders. This is often revealed in leaders who avoid “difficult” conversations or believe being liked is more important than being honest. The result is team dysfunction defined by helpless employees and high turnover.    

Learning with BOS Academy will help you boost your self awareness, improve your communication effectiveness, and supercharge the relationships critical to your success. 
Extraordinary communication agility
Accelerated trust building
Team success fueled by open dialogue

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Our students love us

"The BehavioralOS model has extensive applicability, as a stand along and also as a bolt on to other behavioral frameworks and processes. It unlocks a language around behavior."
Michelle J. 
"I have successfully employed lessons from BOS in my daily interactions. This has not only helped me achieve personal professional success, but allowed me to mentor others to higher accomplishment. This in turn has resulted in organizational success for the Agency. Thank you BehavioralOS!!!."
Vance T. 
I started using the BehavioralOS model and tools almost 20 years ago and am convinced, more than ever, that it is the most effective model and methodology for improving communication and win-win relationships."